"The Long Poem Manipulates Spatial Organizations" is a16mm film installation,where several filmic and sculptural concerns are balanced. The projector has been tilted 45 degrees so the image is more of a diamond than a square. The image is a series of color filters (like Color Studies, 2013) with stencilled letters that have been carved out of the celluloid: a fragmented poem, turning the single letters into a musical composition, occasionally even displacing the need for language.

“In this piece, Barba ties together many threads that run through her practice: the shift between the filmic image and the apparatus that produces it, the liminal space where language is constituted and collapses, a preoccupation with color as a parallel register of signification, and the activation of sound as a key locus of meaning, even in its absence.”
(Ben Borthwick)

The Long Poem Manipulates Spatial Organizations, 2014

modified projector, plinth, stencil cut 16-mm film, color
plinth ca. 35 x 40 x 106 cm

Image 1, 2, 3:
Installation view at Parro&Romero, 2016. Photo: Roberto Ruiz © Rosa Barba

Image 4:
Installation view at Malmö Konsthall, Sweden, 2017. Photo: Mizuki Tachibana © Rosa Barba