In "Spacelength Thought" a typewriter is typing a monologue onto 16mm blank film projecting it by single letters. Like in a Turing machine a code is being recited mechanically and unveiled through the projection, creating a kind of poetry line – an imagistic form of language: at the same time an enigmatic machine and an openly spread process. The typing machine acts as an author, but the text production does not adapt to a human reading routine; it extends the production time of a single word or even a single letter and moves at the pace of the celluloid: a manic writer, driven by a powerful production energy, endlessly inscribing text into film. The text producer projects only fragments onto the wall – the whole text is becoming compiled and readable only throughout the exhibition. The film-text is produced on location, seconds before it is projected onto the wall, and remains and builds up on the floor as a winding cloud of printed film: the process of writing is staged there, in the exhibition space. 

"Spacelength Thought" is a machine performing an activity: you can see how one thing leads to another and everything can be examined. 

Spacelength Thought, 2012

16mm film, projector, typewriter

Images 1, 2:
Installation view, Kunsthaus Zürich, 2012. Photo: Jenny Ekholm © Rosa Barba

Image 3:
Installation view at Parra&Romero, Madrid, Spain, 2016. Photo: Roberto Ruiz © Rosa Barba