Rosa Barba’s film Bending to Earth is a further investigation into inscriptions and tranformation of society, manifested in the landscape. Several radioactive fields are circled by a handcamera from a helicopter while a recorded voice over which appears through several- often distorted - world radio stationsis describing the materials of those constructions and offers a mediation of ordersystems and landscape archives.

“It is a whole language, a kind of alphabet of an image engineered in the earth. I am an observer of this document, I suppose I am interested in what a document is, how it relates to reality. In some sense, there is this relation to the document, not just as a pre-existent form but as a potential or imagined object – the part that remains behind or the break within the narrative.”
Bending to Earth, 2015

35mm film, color, optical sound; 15 min

Images 1, 2 , 3: Film still © Rosa Barba 
Image 4: Installation view at Malmö Konsthall, 2017. Photo: Studio Mizuki Tachibana © Rosa Barba