In "Sight Enables Us to Appreciate Distance", the screen coincides with the actual source of the images. The work is constituted by a luminous box in which approximately 132 meters of film, set up on 24 lines running in different speeds, form a moving text piece, in which the backlighting reveals the materiality of the celluloid film. The text deals with themes connected with the definition of space, and the title of the work refers to a definition by French theorist Henri Poincaré (1850- 1912): «However, sight enables us to appreciate distance, and therefore to perceive a third dimension.»


Sight Enables Us to Appreciate Distance, 2013/2016

70mm film, aluminium, LED, motors 190 x 260 x 14cm

Images: Installation view at Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, 2018. Photo: Blaine Campbell © Rosa Barba