The film "Outwardly from Earth's Center" is built on a narrative of a fictitious society on an unstable piece of land in danger to disappear. This situation requires the population's collective initiative in order to secure the individual's survival and the society to remain. The concept has a certain reality background since Gotska Sandön moves approximately one metre a year. The fictitious report of experts strengthens the surrealistic atmosphere that on a creeping way offsets the experience of what perhaps first is considered as a beautiful documentary to a more abstract and slightly absurd picture of people's struggle and vulnerability.
Outwardly from Earth's Center, 2007

16-mm film transferred to video, color, sound, 22 min

Images 1, 2, 3: Film still © Rosa Barba 
Image 4: Installation view at carlier l gebauer, Berlin, Germany, 2011 © Rosa Barba