"Optic Ocean" consists of a large, untreated canvas on which a text is printed in a double silkscreen print in red and green, which seems to shift into a distortion of phase in front of the viewer’s eyes. The text quotes a film script based on the first science-fiction narrative entitled “Somnium”, envisaged by the philosopher and optician Johannes Kepler – in which he demonstrated a parallelism. As the ocean it deals with again and again, the lines move in front of the eyes, like a projection which got out of joint, and now is split into two colours. What in another genre would classify as a format of history painting in this case becomes the cinematographic ground of a projection, which gives rise to the question what its reverberations onto history painting might be.
Optic Ocean, 2011

Silk-screen print on canvas, spotlight
180 x 270 cm

Installation view at carlier gebauer, Berlin, 2011 © Rosa Barba