In "Machine Vision Seekers" a fictional script is projected. The story, a kind of science-fiction emigration, is situated in the dark. Some people are walking along a corridor underneath the earth surface to reach their original point of departure. The text toys around with the visualisation of words, which describe the invisible pictures in the dark. The words are literally thrown onto the wall by a moving projector. That partly aggressive act is also a reference to the blindness of the protagonists in the text and to the several layers in the storyline (in the sense that the projector is abandoning the two-dimensional screen). "Machine Vision Seekers" shifts between the projector and the viewer, a deconstructed screening where all parts, visible and non-visible are interlinked. It is a conversation between the projection apparatus, the setting in the room, the spectator, the film itself and the plot, a structure which is inherent in every aspect of the installation and which has to be deciphered by the viewer.

Machine Vision Seekers, 2004

16mm film, color, moving projector, 6:45 min

Image 1:
Installation view at Australian Center of Contemporary Arts, 2004 © Rosa Barba

Image 2:
Installation view at Kunstverein Braunschweig, 2011 © Rosa Barba