The works "Isolation of Information" (roller and print) are part of a landscape containing the record of thousands of metal letterpress blocks. They vary in size, occupying space differently, and are organised into some kind of visual, rather than alphabetic or linguistic logic. The particular typeface suggests a specific period of Modernist design as well as a sense of place; a kind of knowledge or politics. In fact, these are the blocks from an Italian printer who specialised in literature. After 40 years he retired and the work series become some kind of epitaph to the printer, all the books printed with these blocks, perhaps even to literature itself. As with other works that involve film and its apparatus, these objects emanate a sense of a past era where the objects' original purpose and function has been superseded, leaving it to evolve new forms of film or literature that dispense with the tropes and conventions of historical cinema as it mutates into a future form. 

Isolation of Information (roller), 2015

linoleum print ink on wax
Ø 28 x 55 cm

Installation view at Meyer Riegger, 2015. Photo: Trevor Lloyd © Rosa Barba