The installation "Sun Clock (Novel)" was produced as a site-specific project for the new Antinori Winery and Visitor Centre in Tuscany, a completely subterranean building covered by a vineyard. A heliostat placed on the roof level is catching sun rays and conducting them as a focussed beam inside the hill, on a courtyard below, where they are projected as a light spot onto hand-written text fragments, arranged like the clock face of a sundial. The heliostat is programmed in order to highlight the 12 fragments clockwise and on time. The architectural space is transformed in an enormous clock, directed by the sun, which opens up into new temporal spaces and novels. 
Sun Clock (Novel), 2012

programmed heliostat, text

Installation view at Bargino, Tuscany, 2012. Photo: Armellin Filippo © Rosa Barba