The protagonists of the installation "Double Whistler", two 16mm film projectors, project text fragments on two wall surfaces. One film strip runs through and around the two projectors. They have the same script. Trying to think the same thing together, celluloid wraps around two minds; they are intervened but not in sync. The projected text appears partial and disjointed. It is like we only take part in discontinuous fractions of a whole system of thought, not visible for us. Because it is a loop, we don’t know who comes after the other, and what comes after the other. A monologue, expressed as a dialogue by two agents, where two voices can’t do more than one.

Double Whistler, 2011

2 x16mm film projector, projected text, 1:33 min.

Installation view at Kunsthaus Zürich, 2012 © Rosa Barba