"Definition Landfill" was shot in 2014 during a residency in San Antonio. The installation-like 35mm film work is the portrait of a monumental landfill overgrown with grass not far from Los Angeles. From the perspective of the circling helicopter an artificial elevation within a hilly landscape is observed and scanned by means of the film material and then analysed through the medium, image and language. A robotic computer voice is reading out a self-created definition of the term ‘landfill’. The monotonous voice, a typical voice recognition programme that is as artificial as the landscape it describes, speaks of the possibility of seeing the landfill as an arranged accumulation of found objects so that they in turn reveal an independent work. The spatial-temporal dimension residing within the landscape can be experienced both physically and intellectually.
Definition Landfill, 2014

35mm film, color, optical sound; 5 min

Image 1: Film still © Rosa Barba
Image 2: Installation view at Artpace San Antonio, 2014. Photo: Mark Menjivar © Rosa Barba