The installation "Coro Spezzato: The Future Lasts One Day" consists of five 16mm projectors setting up a chorus. The idea behind the installation is the Venetian polychoral style of the late Renaissance and early Baroque era, a type of music which involved spatially separate choirs singing in alternation. Theocentric construction of the world was slowly replaced by a humanistic idea of reality and choirs were allowed to sing about ideas as well. The lyrics projected as text fragments make a statement for the future and analyse the status quo with a multitude of voices. They projectors are coordinated with each other and speed up and slow down according to the text. They are following a choreographed order by capturing a moment of reformation and translating it into a silent choreography.
Coro Spezzato: The Future Lasts One Day, 2009

5 x 16mm color film, 5 modified projectors on pedestals, 5 min. each

Installation view at Venice Biennale, 2009 © Rosa Barba