In "Boundaries of Consumption" two metal globes move unpredictably on top of a stack of film cans. Their choreography is documented: two restless shadows contrast with a colored film strip projected onto the wall. The celluloid film passes through the pile of cans, randomly lifting and destabilizing it. Within that play of stability and balance, the projector illuminates the globes and causes their movement; originating at the same time phenomenon and idea. The sculptural work lies in a tension between all elements that constitute it resulting in something between a balancing act and a magic trick, where two balls morph into one and become two again in the projection.
Boundaries of Consumption, 2012

16mm film, modified projector, film cans, 2 metal spheres

Image 1:
Installation view at Albertinum Dresden, 2015. Photo: Oliver Killig © Rosa Barba

Image 2:
Installation view at Albertinum Dresden, 2015. Photo: Bernd Borchardt © Rosa Barba