In this work created specif­i­cally for the Schirn, in which she responds to the openly acces­sible public setting of the rotunda, Barba combines the artistic media of film and sculp­ture. Inside the rotunda, she has erected an expan­sive, geomet­ri­cally intri­cate steel construc­tion consisting of some 80 serial frame­work elements. The work is twelve meters tall and nearly fills the entire lobby of the Schirn. The complex struc­ture, which resem­bles a building skeleton and calls to mind the Construc­tivist visions of the early twen­tieth century, confronts visi­tors with a wealth of possible asso­ci­a­tions.

Rosa Barba uses the instal­la­tion as the stage for a dynamic chore­og­raphy combining visual imagery, light, and sound. The artist also cites a selec­tion of her own works,which are presented here in a new constel­la­tion. In addi­tion to the film-based sculp­ture enti­tled “One Way Out” (2009) and “Conductor” (2014), a rhyth­mi­cally pulsating sound object, the Schirn is also showing two new works by Rosa Barba in conjunc­tion with the Blind Volumes exhi­bi­tion: In “White Museum – Live” (2016), 70-mm and 16-mm film projec­tors appear as actors in an acousti­cally controlled light show. This work orig­i­nated in a live perfor­mance of the same title presented by Barba in collab­o­ra­tion with the well-known US drummer Chad Taylor at MoMA PS1 in New York last spring. It repre­sents a contin­u­a­tion of the “White Museum” series she first intro­duced in 2010, in which a rectan­gular film image is projected as a rectan­gular field of light into outdoor space from inter­na­tional museum build­ings. “Above the Plate and Receiver” (2016), a 16-mm film also featured in the exhi­bi­tion, is a poetic reflec­tion on space and time, the autonomy of tech­nology, and the limits of human knowl­edge accom­pa­nied by elec­tronic music. It is an outgrowth of Barba’s most recent instal­la­tion in the “White Museum” series, a work she real­ized at the Hirsch Obser­va­tory of the Rens­se­laer Poly­technic Insti­tute. The various film and sculp­tural works will be presented contin­u­ously in the Schirn rotunda in an arrange­ment conceived by the artist. 
Blind Volumes, 2016

80 steel frames, platforms, screens

Installation view at Schirn Rotunde, 2016. Photo: Norbert Miguletz © Rosa Barba